Alot of times people are not sure what to wear to their photoshoot or how to prepare. I am going to do a couple of posts for tips on things to prepare you best for an upcoming shoot, with me I hope.

This post is specifically about what you should wear to your engagement shoot or anytime couples shoot.

1- You will want to make sure that what you wear is something that you are comfortable in and portrays you. You dont want to wear something you dont feel good in, because that will translate into your photos. Also, you may be moving in weird positions or climbing over things to get that perfect shot, and you want to make sure you are comfortable.

2- Options are great. Formal clothes can look oh so fabulous in pictures. We all know that formal clothes can be quite uncomfortable at times, but go ahead and bring them anyways. We can take a few shots in these, and then get back to something more comfortable.

3- You and your fiance/partner will want to be wearing clothes in the same category of formality. You do not want one to be dressed like they are going to a cocktail party while the other one is dressed very casual.

4- Do not match exactly, but complement each other. You dont want to both be wearing the exact same solid color top. You will want to wear colors that are in the same family, like bold or pastel, fall or spring. You can both wear the same color, but they should be of a different shade.

5- Accessorize but not overboard. Colorful accessories can make a photo really pop, but you dont want there to be too much distraction from you.

6- Shoes, I LOVE SHOES, a great pair of shoes can really make your outfit pop.

Things to avoid:
-All White tops
-Big Logos
-Very busy prints
-Purses (They can get in the way)