Do you deliver every image you shoot?
No, I don’t, and believe me when I say that is a good thing. I go through and remove all duplicates, blinks, and blurry images, and then provide multiple looks from the same scenarios. Instead of you spending time going through hundreds of pictures to pick your favorites, I do the work for you and leave you only with the very best.
How many images will I get?
It depends, but typically you’ll receive about 50-100 images per hour of booking. Since there are parts of the day where barely any photos are taken, such as driving time and setting up for the ceremony, and there are also parts of the day where I take lots and lots of pictures, such as during the ceremony itself, the amount I shoot each event varies. Each wedding is different, but I promise you will get all the best images from all parts of the day.
Do you edit all of the images or do touch-ups?
I do basic editing on each and every image that I provide to you. You can see examples of my editing style in my galleries, on my blog, and in my sample albums. Extensive retouching—such as slimming, swapping heads, or removing or adding a person (when possible)— is offered at an additional charge of around $25 per image. – See more at:
How many hours do you suggest for the whole day or for each particular group of photos?
For a standard wedding with a reception, 8-9 hours is best. This will give you coverage all the way from getting ready up until your grand exit. If your wedding is not traditional, or you are thinking about having a photographer for less time, here is a breakdown of the time needed for each photo type: – See more at:

  • Getting ready: 1 hour. This will give me time to photograph some details as well as cover you getting your hair and makeup finished and putting on your dress. I highly recommend this coverage. It is the perfect time to get pictures of your dress and shoes before you put them on, and it’s also when I get some of my favorite images of the bride alone. It really helps to tell the story of your day for items such as albums, too. Note that if you’d like for me to cover the groom getting ready, and don’t want to add a second shooter, I will need additional time.
  • Couples portraits: 1 hour to 1.5 hours.I suggest doing this before the ceremony in conjunction with a “first look.” That way, you can enjoy the rest of your day without having to worry about taking too much time out for photos. Also, this is when the makeup and hair are fresh. If we will be travelling to a special location for portraits, I will need additional time.
  • Family formals: 30 minutes, depending on the size of your family and how many groupings you want. Typically, these are taken right after the the ceremony. To help things go smoothly, it’s a good idea to have a list of pictures that you want with your family/friends. It’s also a good idea to have one person from each side of the family who is very organized (and loud) move people in and out of the photos.
  • Bridal party: 20 minutes. This can be done after your first look, after your couples portraits, or after the family formals. – See more at:
What about downtime?
For a variety of reasons, I have to charge for the time in between events on the day of a wedding. The fact is, I am never truly resting during that day. When I am not shooting, I am likely backing up images, setting up for the second venue, traveling to the second location, taking venue shots, or making up for lost photo time because of wedding day delays.
How large can we print our pictures?
The files I give you are the same as what I use. They are extremely high quality, so you can print your pictures as large as you want.
What rights do I have to the images?
You will receive a copyright release for printing your images and for personal use. You will be able to share images on social media (with photographer credit) and print images in whatever format you wish for personal use.
Do you provide RAW images?
No, I do not provide RAW images for any reason.
Do you have liability insurance?
Yes. I carry a one million dollar liability policy and can provide a certificate of coverage to your venue if you like.
Do you back up your images?
I save the images to two separate external hard drives immediately following the wedding, and I also have an online cloud backup that starts as soon as the images are uploaded on my computer.
If we cancel, will we receive our money back?
Unfortunately, the 50% retainer you send along with your contract is non-refundable. Once I receive your retainer, I have secured the date for you, and I turn down all additional inquiries that come in for that date.
What if we change our date after booking?
Usually, a date change will mean a forfeit of your retainer. If there is sufficient advance notice of the date change, and I have the new date available, I may transfer your retainer over and book on the new date. This is on a case by case basis, and it depends on my availability and the timing.
Will I be charged tax?
I am required to charge tax on all physical products that will be delivered to Las Vegas residents, including albums, prints, or any other form of printed product. Your digital files are not taxed.
Do you offer discounts on weekdays?
I do not offer weekday discounts. I only schedule a certain amount of weddings a year and actually book many weddings during the week.
Do you do more than one wedding in a day?
I typically do not, but I may consider it on a case by case basis. If I have a 1-2 hour wedding and then get an inquiry for another wedding of 1-2 hours with a big enough time gap between, I may book the additional wedding.
What happens if you are sick on our wedding day?
It would have to be an extreme sickness or tragedy for me to miss your wedding, and I haven’t missed a wedding yet (knock on wood). However, if that did happen, I have a large network of photographers I know and love who I can call on to find a replacement if I could not be there.
What do you do to make your business environmentally friendly?
Everything I can! All my battery powered camera equipment uses rechargeable batteries, especially the ones designed to use AAs and AAAs. My home and office have all CFL bulbs, and our household participates in a local recycling program for all home and office waste. I conduct most of my business electronically, so there’s very little paper. I offer 10-year online galleries as an option for your finished product, too. I always try to be as green as possible.
Are you willing to accept a list of “must-have” photos?
It depends. I always send my wedding couples a questionnaire that asks about special items you may want to have photographed, family portraits you would like to have, and more. When I arrive on your wedding day, you and I will have already created a wedding photography schedule for the day, and I will have a plan of what kinds of photos need to be made based on our talks. If you choose to hand me a several page list to follow with checkboxes, and you’ll be unhappy if I don’t get every single picture, then I won’t be able to make any of the beautiful candid photos that you see in my portfolio for you because I’ll have to accommodate the picture list. I always try to work with my clients to honor reasonable requests, but I prefer to have the freedom to shoot images as I see them happen.
Do you do destination weddings? What are your travel fees?

I love to travel, and I love destination weddings, so I am down to travel for your wedding. Please contact me for specific fees and information. In fact, I do not charge a travel fee to certain locations if you book one of my top two packages.  Seattle is one of my favorite locations and I do not charge travel fees for there.  

Can I share my photos on social media?
Yes, of course—as long as you give me photo credit.
How far should I book in advance?
As soon as you know your wedding date, please contact me. I get bookings anywhere from a year in advance to just a few days in advance, but earlier is always better to guarantee your date. April and October tend to fill up the fastest, especially the Saturdays, and since I shoot almost an equal amount of weekday weddings, I sometimes get booked in advance for weekdays, too. If you are sure you want to work with me, book as soon as you can.
What if you haven’t shot at my venue before?
Whenever possible, I will go take a look at the venue before the wedding day. If that is not possible, I will show up early on the day of the event to take a look around. However, I love to be inspired by my couples and the locations and the lighting on the day of the wedding. Even if I never see your location until minutes before the shoot, I guarantee we will find some amazing spots for your pictures.
How would you describe your style?
I shoot weddings in a very journalistic style. I am very hands-off and unobtrusive in my coverage of the day. I do direct and pose couples during portraits, however, so while I won’t stop and make you pose while cutting the cake or getting your makeup done, I would love to have an hour alone with you both sometime during the day to create a few creative posed images of the two of you. My images of the guests at the wedding are almost 100% journalistic, and I don’t typically stop guests to make them pose for table shots. I prefer instead to capture them laughing, dancing, drinking, and having a fabulous time. If table shots are something that you want, we can discuss that.
How long have you been doing this, and what made you want to do it?

It may sound cliché, but I’ve wanted to be a photographer since I was a kid. I used to carry around my point and shoot camera and document all my friends along with everything else I could. It wasn’t until my 30th birthday that I finally bought a fancy DSLR, and I immediately immersed myself in everything photography-related so I could quickly learn how to make the images I saw in my head. As for weddings, I fell in love with them when I got married, and I felt very strongly that I wanted to work in the wedding field. Once I started learning about photography on a professional level, a light bulb went off, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do: I wanted to be a wedding photographer. I like doing other portraits as well, but the wedding day is my favorite thing to photograph. I love the high emotions of the day and all of the love between the bride and groom and friends and family. It is amazing to get to be a part of such a special day in people’s lives and to capture it as beautifully as possible with my camera.  As of this post I have been photographing professionally for 8 years.

How do I book you?
Call me at 702-443-8770 or email me at to get started. We will discuss details and verify I am not already booked on your date. I will then provide you with a contract to sign, and once I have received the signed contract and a 50% retainer, you will be ready to go.