I am so excited to be sharing Ethani & Patrick’s amazing wine country wedding which was held at Vintners Inn in Santa Rosa California.  Ethani & Patrick live in Las Vegas but decided to have a destination wedding at a beautiful winery close to where Patrick’s family lives.

Ethani got ready in one of the suites on the property.  She had the most awesome pair of wedding shoes by Betsey Johnson.  A high heel pair to start the day and then a matching flat for after the ceremony.  After she put on her beautiful gown, we went just outside of the suite for photos with the girls who all wore different shades of pinks and coral.

The ceremony took place outdoors with perfect weather facing the vineyards.  There was a classy outdoor cocktail hour just before the beautiful reception.  There was great food, lots of amazing toasts, and even a wonderful song was sung for the happy couple.

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Congratulations you two!!! Hope you had an amazing honeymoon.

To see more must see images from the reception, watch the video below.


Etahni & Pat from JamieY Photography on Vimeo.