Ok, well I have no intention of really getting married again, except for maybe a 10 year renewal ceremony, I am a happily married woman. However, I spend a lot of time looking at wedding images for inspiration and ideas. So many things that I see, I am just thinking to myself, man I LOVE that, if I could only go back and do it again, I would TOTALLY do that.

So…here is a list of some of my favorite wedding things that I have been seeing.

• Peony bouquets – man these are so awesome. I think my favorite ones are the white ones with some pink in them. Peonies just look so lush and fabulous. Love em.

• Awesome wedding shoes that are not white. Yes, I loved my shoes, I got some Stuart Weitzmans for an awesome deal, and I thought they were oh so cute. But ummm, some of these shoes I see are so freakin amazing. Like blue shoes (there is your something blue). The sparkly blingy shoes, so hot. Red is even fantastic. I think shoes are actually kind of a good investment because you can get quite a few pictures with the shoes in them. You can remember them forever right along with your dress. You even may be able to wear them again.

• Engagement Photos – Didn’t do it, totally should have. Oh well, you live and learn.

Well, that is all I can think of at the moment.

Until next time.