This week me and my daughter and a couple of my photographer friends went on a little adventure to check out a new secret location.

It was pretty far away but definitely worth it.  It was fun to play around and try to practice some of the things we learned at the Skips Summer School Workshop we all went to a little over a week ago.

I also got to play with my friend Emily Ku‘s 70-200 lens which is what I am currently saving up for.  Oh boy do I love it!

That is how my daughter smiles for the camera, I much prefer her natural laughing and smiles.  This photo makes me laugh though.

Above is the beautiful Kristy.  I wish I got more photos of her, but I am sure I will have another chance.

This is Liz Le who will hopefully have a website up pretty soon.

The pictures below were barely edited.  The light really was that orange, it was pretty awesome.

And now for the beautiful and EXTREMELY lucky Emily from Emily Ku photography.  I swear she wins more contests than anyone I know, but she deserves it 😉

While we were taking photos, my daughter was playing in some mud.  It was so funny because when we told her to come over to us so we could leave she was holding her hands behind her back so I couldnt see, i thought she had something but it turns out she just had mud all over them.  She also happened to get some on her face.  She said she was making monkey pies.  I love her!