Earlier last month some of my dreams came true.  I finally went to Seattle!  Going to Seattle has been something on my list for many years.  I have always felt a pull to the Pacific Northwest even though I have never been there.  My husband and I have wanted to take a trip but had not yet been able to make it happen.  A few events took place  which gave me the opportunity to make the trip and also bring my husband along to assist me.

Seattle was everything I had hoped for and more.

The first day there, I scheduled an engagement shoot with Jenn & Martin.  I learned quickly how difficult it is to plan shoots while not in the same town.  Everything was planned to shoot at a specific park with a beach.  Thankfully I decided to do some research to find out where we would meet.  I learned that the walk to the area I wanted to shoot would take an hour or more and was a bit tricky to do.  We didn’t have much time and could not make that happen.  I had two shoots scheduled and not enough time.

Jenn & Martin suggested the Washington Park Arboretum and I am so glad they did.  It was a beautiful park with lake front views and so many trees.

Jenn & Martin walked us around and really helped to acclimate us to Seattle.  We had landed around noon, took a shuttle to our hotel, quickly checked in, then took the light rail downtown to eat, and then an Uber to the park.  I had very little sleep and was a bit nervous I wouldn’t be able to perform like usual.

Thankfully my husband Dave was there to speak for me when my brain wouldn’t work and everything ended up perfect.  Our second shoot got cancelled and although I really wanted to shoot in that second location, I was way too tired to make photographic magic.

Jenn & Martin were so nice and gave us lots of suggestions on what to do and more importantly where to eat.

These two lovebirds are engaged and currently planning their wedding for next year.  I know it is going to be as amazing as they are.

Seattle Arboretum Engagement Photography

To see even more from their photo shoot, watch the slideshow below.


Seattle Arboretum Engagement Photography