Super pumped to share this rock n roll las Vegas elopement from a few months ago.

Their Story:

“Our love affair feels like a magnificent storybook saga. Brian said hello on Instagram in early 2017. This man of my dreams. His opening flirt: “I like your face” was in response to a selfie I posted. We’d known each other online for years. I sent him a direct message 3 nano seconds later, trying to slow down my gush and withhold that he’s the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. He lived over 2,000 miles away. “Hey, move to Los Angeles. Come be with me.” Was all I wanted to tell him. Our conversation unfolded and kept flowing non-stop for 11 months with nightly one hour talks till he moved to LA. To be with me. I knew I would marry this man before we ever met, before we ever kissed. ”

So as you can tell from that, their love was an amazing and passionate thing to capture.  The day started out with some difficulties, so Zelda was ready to let loose and just revel in the fun and love of the wedding day by the time we met up.  We danced in the alley, got pizza at Evil Pie, headed down to the Ferguson for some fun with the colorful art.  It was an amazing day with two amazing humans.

XO-Jamie Y.

rock n roll las vegas elopement