I am going to be starting to post some blogs that are about me. These will help you to get to know me. For now I think I will call them Randomness, because they will be random themes. I am sure it is going to change later, if I develop some kind of focus. This week I am going to talk about things I love.
• Shoes, Clothes, and aquiring these items by shopping.
• Food, asian food in particular.
• Making lists of things I need to do. I have a hard time being lazy, and always have a million things I feel like I need to do, so I must have lists to help me remember it all.
• My Tuesday afternoon sculpt/pilates class at LVAC. It is the most awesome class ever and I hate missing it. I prefer not to schedule shoots on Tuesdays because if I don’t go any other day, I at least try to always go to the gym on Tuesdays.
• Trader Joes, it is my favorite store to shop at. Some of their food is the best ever. I love their bread, their 100 calorie chocolate bars, their Olive Tapenade, among many other things.
• Listening to my 2 year old daughter sing, its typically when she is in the backseat, and it goes a little something like this…”La La Goldfish Goldfish…” LOVE it.
• Cupcakes, yummmmy, and I have tried several places but none are ever as good as the Cupcakery.
I sense a theme here, a lot of the stuff I love is food. Now Im hungry… Until next time.