Last week me, my husband, and my daughter took our summer family trip to Sequoia in California.  It was my first real camping trip ever.  We reserved our camp spot for 3 nights, and I admit I was a little worried since there are bears there and I am more of a city girl who likes her showers and bug free outdoors.

We quickly learned that we were not actually in Sequoia National Park but instead we were in Sequoia National Forest.  At first we were a little dissapointed, but that quickly went away when we realized that our location was just as beautiful but with alot less people.  We managed to see the 5th largest tree in the world, and a majority of the time we were pretty much alone to ourselves.

The first night at camp we had the whole campground to ourselves.  I was surprised how easily I slept, thanks to a little rum and my air mattress.

Our campground was in the middle of a bunch of trees, and thankfully we didn’t see or hear any bears.  My only real complaint were all the mosquitoes and bees that wouldn’t let us cook or eat in peace.

The trees were massive and the whole area was pretty surreal.


One of the things we were most excited about was fishing.  It was Madi’s first time.  I had only been fishing like twice before and not in anywhere as beautiful as this.  Our first day we caught 3 fish and ate them that evening.

I caught the first fish and was pretty proud of myself.

We saw deer everywhere we went.  This one I snapped a shot of from our car.

About an hour from our campsite we walked the trail of 100 giants.  It was a huge grove of Sequoia trees.

Every morning and night that we drove by this huge meadow there was always a bunch of deer.  One day we actually got to see two babies.  There were also some horses nearby which actually was my daughter’s favorite part.  We were feeding them hay, but the biggest horse really had a thing for my daughter and kept trying to sniff and eat her hair.

Our two lucky fishing spots.  The second day we caught 6 fish.

Above is the Stagg tree (5th largest).  I couldn’t get it all in one shot, but you can tell from where my husband is standing how big it is.  It was actually bigger on the sides.  The foliage was so dense around that it made it difficult to get full shots of the tree.  This tree is the biggest tree on private property.  You have to park outside of the property and walk about a mile to get to the tree.  It was amazing.

Our fabulous kitchen and living room for 3 days.

We all got pretty dirty, no showers for 3 days was a little tough.

The day we were leaving, we decided to take a detour and spend a day at our favorite beach, Newport beach.  So we drove there and got all cleaned up and spent the day at the beach.

There were some interesting little jelly fish all over the beach that day and Madi had a blast playing with them.

I managed to find the perfect spot to get a picture of all of us together!