punk baby photography

My cute little guy Mylo just turned 6 months old.  We did a quick photo shoot with him on Christmas day.  I had the idea for this shoot for awhile.  Me and my husband were big fans of the band The Descendents when we were younger.  When we chose the name Mylo, it always reminded me of the lead singer of the band named Milo.  We didn’t name our baby after him or anything but once we decided on the name I knew we would be getting him a descendents onesie.  Then we saw the perfect one which says Parents, Why won’t they shut up.  Seemed perfect for a little baby.  The singer wears glasses very much like the ones we found for Mylo’s pictures, so we had to add those.  We actually found them at the Build a Bear Workshop, little bears and little babies are almost the same size.  So he is our cute little punk rock hipster baby.  He still isn’t sitting by himself or standing alone either so the poses are limited.  I have a goal to take more photos of him since I have been totally slacking.