So, we got our pictures taken, yay.  #3 on my 101 in 1001 has been completed.
These pictures were taken by the wonderful Cherie Hogan
These have all been edited by me.  I am thankful she let me edit them so I could hurry up and get them and post them.  So, if you are familiar with her work and these look a little different, that is why.
I will post a link when she edits some herself.
I love her work and was so excited for this shoot.  It was very fun and interesting to be on the other side of the lens.  I love them so much.  Looking at them reminds me how much me and my husband are still so in love.
Now to the daunting task of picking which ones we will print for the house.  Clients, I know how you feel.
Photography by: Cherie Hogan Photography:
Hair by Amanda Trees
Editing by yours truly