children's portrait in stair well

So I had this great idea for my daughter Madilyn’s 4th year portraits this year.  We had the car packed and ready to go, but a really windy day out at the dry lake bed with a young child is not the greatest idea.  So, we had to turn around and go back to town.

I remembered that I had to go scout some locations downtown for another shoot so we decided to go down there.  We stopped at the cute little coffee shop The Beat which is located in a cool building called Emergency Arts which is an art gallery.  I had my camera so we took some fun photos of my daughter in the stairwell.

black and white kids portrait las vegas emergency arts

children's portrait in las vegas stairwell cool edgy

cool las vegas children's photography

alternative children's portraits las vegas

modern kid photography las vegas

I was only able to get my daughter to pose like this with bribes of candy.  She is by far the most difficult child I have every photographed.  When the camera comes up, she goes running.  We bribed her some more and took her outside near downtown Freemont street.

little kid portrait downtown las vegas

So, I am sort of happy that our initial plans didn’t work out.  I ended up getting some great photos of my daughter in places I love that I wouldn’t normally think of bringing her to.  We will still do her other shoot, I didn’t buy all that stuff for nothing, but now I am not in so much of a rush.  She gets two photo shoots this year for her birthday, one of the perks of having a mom for a photographer.

Oh, don’t forget to watch the video!