Las Vegas wedding photography taken at the graceland chapel with elvis marrying the couple

graceland chapel

Last week during WPPI I had the pleasure of attending a workshop/group shoot with the talented Anthony Vazquez .  This mock wedding took place at the famous Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas.  It was a sort of trashy vegas wedding with Elvis as the officiant.  It was alot of fun and there was a bunch of other photographers there.  It was the perfect way to start out my week of WPPI and it was my first chance to use my brand new camera.

Photograph of bride and groom at las vegas chapel with elvis in the background.

Married by Elvis in Las Vegas

The Graceland Chapel is located right on the Las Vegas strip and you can really get married by Elvis.

After the ceremony, we went outdoors to get some images of the bride and groom outside.  Anthony’s light guy had a video light, which I desperately want to buy.

Pictures of the bride after her wedding in las vegas outside with leopard print dress on

Only in Vegas Wedding

I know her outfit is a little much for a wedding but you would never imagine what some people wear in Vegas.  Personally I like her outfit and LOVE the shoes.  She was rockin the shoot and did not seem to be bothered by the fact there was like 20 or 30 photographers there.

Bride outside of chapel after vegas wedding with red shoes and leopard dress.

Hot Vegas Bride Photograph

This was one hot Vegas bride.

Photography of Las Vegas wedding with bride and groom kissing outside of chapel

Vegas Bride and groom kissing outside of chapel

After the ceremony we went further down the Las Vegas Strip to take pictures at the world famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Wedding photography taken of bride and groom outside at night at the famous welcome to las vegas sign

Bride and Groom Welcome to Las Vegas

By the way, this is a real engaged couple and they are getting married soon.  You cant fake that in Love look.

Las Vegas wedding photography of bride and groom at welcome to las vegas sign

Welcome to Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas wedding photographer took picture of bride and groom at welcome to las vegas sign in black and white with bride standing behind groom and smiling

black and white welcome to vegas wedding

What a gorgeous couple.  WPPI was so much fun and I learned so much.  This is the last of my sessions from that week but I do plan on writing a post about the convention soon.

With Love, Jamie