Las Vegas Photo Workshop

More Details!

Super pumped to release more details about the upcoming workshop I will be co-hosting.  I recently posted about it here.  Drum roll…….. haha ok here goes.

Jamie with Jamie Y Photography And Danette with The Amberlight Collective are teaming up to provide you with Photography Badassery!  

Danette and Jamie know there is a massive need for fellowship and education within the photography community.  We want to serve other photographers and extend our knowledge and experience to help grow fellow photog’s business and photo skills.  Above all, we want to see everyone around us kick ass at what they do – and have fun while doing it!

So, we decided to team up together and will be hosting our first workshop sometime this winter.  We share a similar style of shooting and similar philosophies, a perfect match!

As we finalize more details, we will be sharing them.  We will get a website up and running as well as some facebook groups going in the near future.

To keep up to date and make sure you never miss a post about the workshop, sign up for the email list below!  If you know somebody in their first few years of business that could use some help, send them our way!

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Since everything is better with a photo, here is a picture from a styled shoot Danette and I worked on together.