Hey look who it is, my own family.  I feel like there haven’t been photos of my family, especially with me in them, in a long time on my blog.  If it wasn’t for my amazing husband, there probably wouldn’t be these either.  December is a super duper busy month for me with my business, and add to that the additional things with the family to prepare and enjoy the holidays, I did not have the time to set up any family portraits with another photographer.  I didn’t have a chance to get any special outfits for all of us either.  We knew we needed to do a Christmas card, especially since I didn’t send one out last year.  So, my fabulous husband Dave told me lets just do it, lets just bring your remote for the camera and go.  I told everyone to just pick out an outfit they liked and not to worry if it didn’t match the others or go with a certain color scheme and then out the door we went.  Honestly, it was brutal.  With my camera on the tripod, I couldn’t see when everyone was looking or what kind of faces they were making, or even use my favorite lens (because I was missing the part that connects it to the tripod).  We all got pretty frustrated and I was sure we didn’t get many good photos, except for the few that me or my husband took.  I was even a little unhappy with the ones I ended up choosing for my Holiday card because I am such a perfectionist.  But looking back at these now, I am more then happy with them.  I am so glad we did them and I have photos of all of us.  We may not have done it the easiest and most stress free way (Like hiring a photographer) but we have these photos and they show us how we are, crazy faces and all.

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