I am so in love with this couples shoot of Erica & Austin.  Erica had contacted me about doing a shoot for the two of them with a gothic type style of dress.  I suggested Freemont Street East because there are some pretty cool areas that don’t distract from their clothing.  Erica & Austin are best friends, but live in different states.  They came out to Vegas and wanted to do a fun shoot together and I am so glad that they chose me to do it.  I met up with the two of them and loved their outfits.  Erica wore a black and red bustier with black latex pants.  Austin also wore black and red.  Erica had some pretty awesome tattoos and is a fellow skull lover like myself.  Once I saw her tattoos, I knew I had to take her to the two skull paintings that were in the area.  It was a super fun shoot and they were pretty darn photogenic.

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