Before I make my announcement, lets just bask in the gorgeousness of this couple.  Seriously so amazing.  I am so excited that they were the first couple to get my brand new style of editing.  I have been going back and forth the last few months about changing up my edits.  I have had the same editing style for the last 6+ years and although I do still love it, I needed to make a change.  I have been in love with the warmer film style of editing for a while and I decided to make the leap.  These photos are how new work will be edited from here on out.  Any existing clients can still choose to have their images edited in the way that I used to edit or they can have the new style.  In the coming weeks and months I will be changing everything over on my homepage and I am so excited.  There may be some small tweaks as I perfect my new style but overall they will look very close if not exactly the same as these images.  If your not growing your dying, so thank you for growing with me and I am super pumped for 2017.
vegas-wedding-photograper-2 vegas-wedding-photograper-3