I had the pleasure of meeting these two lovebirds a few weeks ago out in the desert landscape of Las Vegas.  Broderick & Nicole traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate one of their wedding anniversaries.  Broderick purchased a photo shoot for Nicole as a gift.  Broderick & Nicole live in Philadelphia and loved the desert mountains for their first backdrop.  After all the fun we had there, we headed downtown to Freemont Street East to shoot some city locations.  These two were so much fun, smiling and laughing the whole time.  Still so much in love with each other and it was such a joy to see.  I have to give them both huge props for their outfit coordination.  After each wardrobe change, I was continuously impressed.  Usually the girls are the main ones to put in a lot of effort into their clothing choices but Broderick had complete suits to match with his wife’s beautiful dresses.

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