Is your wedding dress just hanging in your closet and you barely ever see it, have you just been itching to put it on again? Have you always wished maybe you got some more daring or artistic photos of you in your dress? Or maybe just more pictures of you and maybe your husband in your wedding clothing? There can be many reasons to do a trash the dress session. They are so much fun and the range of what you can do is limitless. You can keep your dress pretty clean of course if you wish, or you can throw caution to the wind and take some pictures to the extreme (think paint, dirt, water…) Trash the dress shoots are so much fun, there is no rush like there can be on your actual wedding day, you can have your husband come with or it can be just the bride. You can have your hair and makeup done similar to how you wore it on your wedding or you can have it done a little more bold and out there. There are so many choices for this type of shoot. If you have been wanting to put that dress on again or you just want to get more pictures of you in your wedding dress, then send me an email, and lets do it.

Since I love trash the dress so much, I am offering 50% off my session fee for a limited time. The session fee will be $40. Other fees regarding prints and CD’s apply.

(This promotion is now over.  I would still love to help you trash your dress though.)