Alot of times when I book a client I will tell them to bring some props.  A prop can really be anything and everything.  The purpose is to add something personal to your images to help bring out your personality as well as make the images a little more interesting.

One of my favorite props was at the trash the dress session with Valerie.  Her husband brought a Mexican Wrestling mask, so AWESOME.  I never would have thought of that, and it turned out so great on the photos.

So, before your shoot, sit back and think about all the people who are going to be in the pictures and what some things might be that you could bring.  If nothing comes to mind, don’t stress, you really do not have to bring anything but yourselves.

A few ideas for various types of shots are listed below to get your brain going.

-The ring of course.
-Balloons – Maybe in your wedding colors?
-A handmade sign with something painted on it, like the date for save the dates, or a cute little saying.
-Is there something you enjoy as a couple? Riding bikes? Going to the movies? Reading books or getting coffee?  There are so many ideas just in that, your bikes, some popcorn buckets, your favorite books, your favorite coffee shop’s cups.

-Any handmade items that have been made for the baby.
-Ribbon in coordinating color of baby’s sex.
-Wooden blocks to spell out something like baby, or the name.
-Little booties

-Their favorite toy(s)
-A special blanket
-A hat or sunglasses
-A tricycle
-A wagon
-Finger Paints

-If the family is into sports, each member could bring the corresponding item to hold that goes with their sport, like a baseball, or football.
-A picnic basket with blanket if shoot is done outdoors

The list goes on and on.  Anything can be used as a prop pretty much and sometimes they really make the pictures stand out.