Tristan and Sharon met in 2010 through work in the oil and gas industry and instantly

became close friends once they got to know each other and learned how much they have in

common. Tristan was a graduate Petroleum Engineer and Sharon was the stunning

Technical Assistant… when these two started dating it was hot gossip around the office!

After only 6 weeks of dating they went on their first holiday to Las Vegas for Sharon’s

birthday, so Vegas holds cherished memories for these two. Of course the joke going

round was that they went to Vegas for a ‘shot gun’ wedding with Elvis. And five years

later here they are getting married in Vegas with the man Elvis himself.

They were born in the same year, both only children, enjoy surfing, playing poker, and

going to football games. Their relationship has been growing stronger with every day.

With their love of sport they have travelled the World chasing their favorite sporting

events such as the Formula 1 races, football, and most of all BASEBALL. Tristan loves

baseball and grew up playing his favorite sport and Sharon has been influenced by this

love and is happy to join in the fun

Tristan proposed to Sharon after 4 years of dating in Hong Kong, Tristan took Sharon up

to ‘the Peak’ and proposed down on one knee with a beautiful pear shaped white

diamond, a bespoke design by her favorite Australian designer; Jason Withers.

In organizing the wedding Sharon and Tristan were drawn to the excitement of Las Vegas

which holds the memories of their first overseas adventure together. They chose the Neon

museum because of the history of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and the location

makes for a colorful and high impact back drop to the wedding ceremony. The Eiffel

restaurant was chosen for the reception to experience the high end luxury of the Las

Vegas strip as it is today with no better view than the iconic Bellagio Fountains and the

grand bright lights of the Strip. The wedding theme developed and morphed into a sports

theme when Sharon and Tristan came up with the idea of giving personalized

autographed baseballs as wedding favors to the guests, with a ‘TS’ logo imprinted on

them. The sports theme, grew from there.

Sharon & Tristan held their ceremony at the Neon Museum in the North lot with Elvis officiating and pretty heavy pouring rain.  Sharon didn’t let the rain ruin her wedding day and was happy and full of smiles all day long.  After the ceremony, we traveled to Nelson Ghost Town for a quick photo shoot with them and their bridal party.  After that, we headed back to the main lot at the Neon Museum for a portrait session alone with the beautiful couple.  Afterwards we ended on the strip outside of the Paris hotel before they went inside for their reception dinner.

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All Star Cast of Vendors Who Helped Make This Day Amazing-

Florals: Layers Of Lovely

Hair/Makeup: Amelia C

Ceremony Venue: Neon Museum

Dress: Karen Willis Holmes

Photographer: Jamie Y Photography

To see even more from this spectacular day, watch the video below.

XO-Jamie Y

Sharon & Tristan from JamieY Photography on Vimeo.