Neon Museum Wedding Pictures

So excited to share this Neon Museum Wedding Pictures session with everyone. Karolina & Cory traveled out to Vegas in an RV with their 5 dogs to get married. They had an intimate wedding a few days before our actual shoot.

Refreshed and finished with their celebrations, the newlyweds met up with me at the Neon Museum for some wedding pictures. We had a great time. I could have photographed these two all day.

I shot more dress twirling pictures then ever before and I am not mad about it at all. Karolina just knows how to move so well it looks so beautiful on camera.

Karolina brought a few additional outfit pieces. She had a gold glittered veil which went so well with her dress. She knew I loved veils and I am so glad she brought one.

After the Neon Museum, we headed downtown for some art mural smoke bomb photos. I do not typically recommend doing smoke bombs in the city limits. I am always a bit scared of getting in trouble for it. But, sometimes you just have to do it anyway and do it quick. I choose areas with no risk of fire and am super safe about it.

After a few shots with the murals I thought of a big white building I knew down the road. Sometimes too much in the background is distracting, especially with smoke. So, we headed down to the arts district for some final shots.

To see even more from this amazing shoot, watch the slideshow below.


Venue: Neon Museum

Jean Jacket: Rue De Siene

Neon Museum Wedding Pictures