I am so happy to showcase and interview Las Vegas Wedding Florist Layers Of Lovely.  I highly recommend them to all of my brides.  Their work is stunning and always such a pleasure to photograph.  Not only do you get to know a little bit about this wonderful company, you also get some great info to help you with planning your wedding day flowers.


1. Tell us a little bit about your company and what made you get started with floral


Layers of Lovely was opened January 2011, I had been managing another floral

company and decided it was time to branch out on my own. We are a small boutique

style business so we ofer each of our brides a high level of customer service. I love

getting to know our brides and being able to take the time to truly understand what

their vision is for their wedding.

2. What is the process a couple would go through with you when hiring you for

their wedding.

When a couple comes in to meet with us we sit down for a consultation and talk about

their style, the colors they are thinking, and their overall vision and feel for their

special day. We look at pictures and chat about how we can make everything custom to

their specific taste. After that we draw up a proposal for them that includes all of the

juicy details of the order. We try to be really easy to work with and flexible to

everyone’s unique needs.

3. Can you ofer any advice for wedding couples when selecting flowers for their

wedding? Any Do’s or Don’ts?

Do your research on floral designers in your area and find someone whose style speaks

to you. Find someone you trust and then trust them.

Do have an idea of what you like and how you would like your wedding day to look.

Don’t be closed minded to suggestions and input for a floral designer

Do have a realistic vision in mind for your budget

Don’t be shy about sharing what your budget is.

4. What is your favorite flower(s)

That’s a tough one, it kind of depends on what is looking good at the time. Like the

last couple of weeks Coral Charm Peonies have been gorgeous so I have been saying

they were my favorite. In a couple of weeks something else will be coming in

beautifully and it’ll become my new favorite at the time.

5. What’s your best advice for brides working with a tight budget?

I would have to say don’t take on too many DIY projects. We see it all of the time where

the brides are planning on doing their own centerpieces or ceremony decor and hire us

for just their bouquets. On their special day a bride shouldn’t be running around like

crazy trying to pull together their DIY centerpieces and neither should their friends or

families. It is a big day for everyone, one that you should be spending getting

pampered, relaxing with your bridesmaids and focusing on the life commitment you’re

about to make rather then stressing over something you could have spent a little more

money on to have a professional handle for you.

6. Flowers have seasons. Is it possible to order out of season flowers from

elsewhere? Do you suggest sticking to in-season and local flowers instead?

The way the floral industry works is we ship in product from all over the world.

Especially being in Vegas we don’t really have anything that is locally grown. So when

we say a flower is out of season generally that means pretty much everywhere we could

draw from. Take peonies for example, their season is late April / early May – late June

and then again November – January. So if you’re asking for them in October we aren’t

going to be able to get them at all for you.




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