Hello There.  I just made a small change to my print packages and normally I would just announce something like this on my Facebook but I realized that many of you might not follow me on Facebook.  So I just wanted to let you all know that I typically will post special deals, contests, giveaways, or changes on my Facebook page only.  So if you are a fan, I highly suggest that you head on over and like my page here: http://www.facebook.com/JamieYPhotography

As far as the changes I made, I changed my biggest package to include an album and the disc of images.  This is what you get:

The Biggest One– $1000

1-20×30 Gallery Wrap Canvas

1-5×5 20 Side Flushmount Album with matching box

1-Disc of images

If I was to recommend what you should purchase after a session, this would be it.  A large canvas for the wall which is like a piece of art for everyone to enjoy.  An album and a disc of all the edited images from your session.  So many people go through all of the time to get ready for and take part in a special photo session only to purchase a disc of images that just sit on your desk and never get ordered or viewed.  You invest so much in the session itself, you should do the same for the finished product.

I hope your enjoying your summer.