Just got back from my first time going to Arizona.  My family and brother in law drove out to Phoenix to watch the Saints play the Cardinals.  I have lived in Vegas for 19 years and have not ever been to Arizona, only driven through once.  My favorite part of the drive was all the amazing scenery in the desert.  There was a Joshua Tree forest area and they were cool but the Saguaro were my favorite.  I didn’t take many pictures on the trip, just a few on our pit stops on the way back home.  The Saguaro cactus were all over the place!

phoenix-desert-2 phoenix-desert-3 phoenix-desert-4 phoenix-desert-5 phoenix-desert-6 phoenix-desert-7 phoenix-desert-8 phoenix-desert-9 phoenix-desert-10

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!  I am trying to slow down and spend more intentional time with my kids and husband during break.  I do have a wedding the day after Christmas so I won’t be quiet for long.