Lidia & Herbert traveled to Las Vegas for their destination wedding all the way from Brazil.  They were married the day before our shoot and I met up with them the following day for a fun portrait session.  We went to Nelson Ghost town in Eldorado Canyon which is full of barns and vintage items as well as beautiful desert scenery.  Herbert rented a Harley and rode it up there and then back downtown where we finished up the session under the neon lights of Freemont street.

vegas-trash-the-dress-3 vegas-trash-the-dress-4 vegas-trash-the-dress-8 vegas-trash-the-dress-9

Lidia & Herbert brought along their personal vows from the day before.

vegas-trash-the-dress-10 vegas-trash-the-dress-11 vegas-trash-the-dress-13 vegas-trash-the-dress-14 vegas-trash-the-dress-17 vegas-trash-the-dress-18 vegas-trash-the-dress-19

Herbert has a favorite pair of socks that Lidia thinks should have been thrown away a long time ago.  So, he brought them along to include them in some photos.

vegas-trash-the-dress-20 vegas-trash-the-dress-21 vegas-trash-the-dress-22 vegas-trash-the-dress-24


Congratulations to a beautiful couple!  To see more images from our session, view the video below.


Lidia & Herbert from JamieY Photography on Vimeo.