Meet the gorgeous duo Lonnie & Nikki.  They came down to Las Vegas for their wedding photos from Louisiana.  I met up with them in the Freemont East area of town to start the shoot.  Nikki brought some really fun huge balloons that had Mr & Mrs written on them.  They added such a fun whimsical element to the photos.  It was super hard to get them both facing the right way especially with that wind that Vegas is known to get.  We managed to get some great photos with them though and then the couple let them fly away at the very end.

I was super surprised to learn that Nikki actually made her dress herself and this was the first time she ever made clothing before.  Lonnie helped her out a little bit and it came out amazing, the train portion even detached for some sexy photos near the end.  Nikki’s talent didn’t stop there either.  She made her own bouquet as well as Lonnie’s boutonniere.

After leaving Freemont, we headed to the dry lake bed for some more portraits.  We ended with a beautiful sunset!

Nikki and Lonnie, you guys were seriously so amazing.  Like professional models!  Nikki had so many great ideas and ways to liven up the poses I helped them into.  I love everything about these photos and hope you all do as well.

To see even more from their session, watch the slideshow below.



Lonnie & Nikki from JamieY Photography on Vimeo.