Today I am sharing an amazing Downtown Las Vegas Engagement photo shoot from earlier this month.  The names and face of the male is hidden on purpose for privacy reasons.  There were so many great shots not showing his face that I just had to share.  This wonderful couple is engaged to be married later this year back home.  Lets just say her name is Sally.  Sally wanted to get married in Las Vegas originally, but settled on doing her engagement session here instead.

The day of the engagement session was particularly windy.  Like way above normal wind.  I am still amazed when I look back at these images how good Sally’s hair looked all day.  Even after blowing around like crazy, it always settled back down to perfect.

We roamed around downtown Freemont Street before heading over to the Neon Museum.  He had a little surprise up his sleeve before we left downtown.  Sally had his mothers ring that she wore as her engagement ring.  It is very special and Sally didn’t really care too much about replacing it.  However, he wanted her to have something of her own, and they worked together to design something for her.  Sally didn’t know that the ring actually came in and he snuck it all the way to Vegas and to the photo shoot to surprise her.  On Freemont, he got down on one knee and presented her with her new ring.  A stunning ring I might ad.

These two were seriously so in love and just giddy with each other all day.  It was a blast and editing them just reminded me of how much fun it was.  Love like theirs is something special and getting to freeze those moments in time is such a treat.

I hope everyone’s new year is off to a smashing start!