One of my goals for this year and probably last year too was to take more pictures of my kids.  I love taking photos but when I am not actually working I rarely bring my camera with me.  I typically resort to just using my phone.  My goal is to have 1-2 actual planned photo sessions with each of my kids every year.  I pass on the school provided photos for this reason, yet I often don’t make the time to do it. This year I must!  So, I had a senior session a few weeks ago and I had a floral garland for the shoot.  I brought it home and didn’t want it’s beauty to be used on only one session so I pulled my daughter out front of the house to take some photos of her with it.  It was a little crazy hectic trying to do it alone with my son in the house and my front door open and trying to control the flow of a smoke bomb.  Which reminded my why I always need a helper or another parent when photographing kids.  I am in love with the way these turned out and I am so happy to have these awesome pictures of my daughter.  I promise myself and everyone else that I will do a photo shoot with each of my kids in the next few months, you can count on it.

Gosh I love her face.  I can’t believe she is going to be 9 in just a few weeks (insert crying face here).