cool las vegas elopement

Paul & Katie had a pretty kick ass elopement last week and I could not be happier that I was the one to photograph it.  Paul & Katie live in Australia.  Here is their story, short and sweet, as told by the couple: “Went to primary school together from grade 1 in 1990, to grade 7 in 1996. Different high schools. Lived in neighboring suburbs and hung out at the same places but never ran into each other. Reconnected on FB in 2012. Here we are, dating since 2012.”

What an epic day we all had together!  Katie & Paul started off their day at the Graceland Wedding Chapel where they were officially married by Elvis!  I met them right afterwords just outside of the chapel to start our day of adventure.  After walking around the chapel a bit, we headed off to their hotel room at the Cosmopolitan.  They got a cake from the Milk Bar inside the hotel, and what a fabulous cake it was.  (I got to taste a bite so I can officially say it was the bomb)  They enjoyed cake, a toast, a cigar, and a little jumping on the bed even.

We walked around the Cosmo a bit for some photos inside.  The hotel is full of all kinds of cool artsy stuff.  Next, we headed down to Freemont Street for some photos under the neon lights.  All in all, it was one of my favorite days of shooting.  We had a bunch of time to play around and get all kinds of photos in different locations and lighting situations.  Who knew that Paul smoking a cigar on the patio of the hotel room could make for such a fun photo op.

Their rings are engraved with the Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts, perfectly fitting with a Vegas wedding.

The shot above and below are similar but I just couldn’t choose.  The image above has a limo or car behind them but the one below has a big bus driving by and I just love how it looks.

Painted leather jackets are the best!


Hair & Makeup: Makeup In The 702

Cake: The Milk Bar

Dress: Camilla & Marc

To see even more from their elopement, watch the slideshow below.


Cool Las Vegas Elopement

Paul & Katie from JamieY Photography on Vimeo.